Transforming ideas into IoT Solutions

We develop sensor-enabled IoT solutions by leveraging our InnoNOW expert system comprised of hardware and software reference designs. Such IoT solutions integrate connected devices embedded with sensors, apps running on mobile devices and backend cloud analytics. Leverage our domain expertise and innovation knowhow to go further, faster. Why start from scratch?

What is a sensor-enabled IoT solution? An example would be supporting patients with their medication adherence-taking the right dose of the right drug at the right time. A large percentage of patients do not maintain good adherence, which compromises care outcome and increasing cost. Adherence support is intended to drive positive patient behavior change using connected, smart medication packaging, which is a sensor-enabled IoT solution.

We use the medication adherence IoT application to develop, validate and advance our InnoNow platform. We have branded this implementation for a oral contraceptive pill (OCP) use case-as Ginger-U®. The app is the user's interface, allowing her to monitor her adhrence history, cycle, side effects, etc. The cloud analytics issue reminders, schedule refills, set up follow-up appointments, etc. The addition of the device, which is a smart pill case, is scheduled for future release.

By way of example, a patient sees a doctor who then prescribes a medication, OCP in this case. InnoNow cloud backend forwards the medication data it receives from the doctor to the pharmacy, which notifies the patient when the prescription is ready. Patient engagement is through the app and may include the patient's affiliates for support. Adherence is monitored using the connected, smart pill case.