In a nutshell

QuantaEd, LLC® is headquartered in San Diego, California, U.S.A and has an office in Hyderabad, India. Our U.S.A. office focuses on applications, solutions, systems, devices and hardware. Our India office focuses on firmware, apps and cloud analytics-including data visualization, deep learning and artificial intelligence.

Our mission is to drive innovation in sensor-enabled IoT solutions by leveraging our domain expertise and innovation knowhow.

Our business is contract development for projects that are at idea, feasibility or prototyping stages. We cover the spectrum from ideation to proof-of-concept to prototyping to productization, as well as user experience engineering and industrial design. We maintain a network of trusted partners for access to additional expertise that may be needed from one project to another.

Why work with us? We are creative, objective, quality-driven and results oriented. Our style is collaborative, inquisitive and intellectually honest. We believe in leading with integrity.

What is unique about us? We use an internal innovation project to advance our skills, and hardware and software reference designs. We feel being our own customer (with a non-conflicting project) is the best way to prove ourselves. Our internal project is development of connected, smart medication packaging to drive medication adherence.