Transforming ideas into products

We provide a platform comprised of hardware and software reference designs for developing application-specific connected, smart products. These feature-rich products comprise a physical device, an app and a cloud backend. We use medication adherence as our internal application to validate our platform. In this application, our devices are custom connected, smart pill containers. Patient engagement is through a customized app and the backend expert system is adapted to the application.
A key challenge in realizing these products is having the requisite multidisciplinary knowledge and integration knowhow. Let's use smart, connected balls as an example to elucidate the foregoing. These balls add a light show feature, as well as enable quantifying the jugglers' performance, which is then ranked within a social network of jugglers. Hypothetical features of the device (i.e., the smart ball), app and backend are noted on the graphic, as well as the requisite wireless connectivity.
Why start from scratch? You will have to identify, qualify and coordinate the requisite knowledge sources, which likely have not worked together in the past. Project management requires multidisciplinary domain expertise and technology integration. There is also the follow-on work of updates and maintenance; technology advances fast and user expectations move with it. While you can do all this, it is distracting, takes longer and costs more! 
Instead, leverage our smart, connected product platform to drive your ideas faster, further. Your application has its own specific requirements, which we will implement by customizing our hardware and software reference designs. Patentable IP opportunities are usually in the application-specific features of the device, rather than the app and backend analytics—even though their custom features may be novel. We will handle user experience engineering and industrial design as part of the customization. We will also facilitate the path to manufacturing of the device.