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Come to us with a seed of an idea, a specified product or anything in between. For over 30 years, our founder has led innovation at corporate, academic and medical research organizations, and through startups. QuantaEd embodies his passion for new products enabled by smart sensors (also known as MEMS) and mobile application software. These products comprise a physical device with embedded sensors and an accompanying app running on a mobile platform. For an example originated and named by our founder click here
Advances in sensors—together with wireless connectivity, ubiquitous computing and social networks—are enabling new products and business models in many industries. They also hold the potential to disrupt existing products and business models. Wearable products for health and wellness, and Internet of Things products for convenience, comfort, safety and security are examples. Sensors are critical to enabling such products, because they facilitate perception of the world within and around us. As such, sensors are an indispensible part of our lives. 
However, it is challenging to harvest these new opportunities and protect existing ones. It requires domain knowledge across digital technologies, human factors and end applications, as well as know-how of effectively integrating them to go from ideation to productization efficiently. Furthermore, new opportunities usually require making unobvious connections between technologies and applications. 
Have us take up these challenges, so you can focus your resources on driving your innovation agenda further, faster. Let's move forward together! Contact us!