We develop sensor-enabled IOT solutions by leveraging our InnoNOWTM expert system and innovation know-how

InnoNOWTM Sensor-enabled IoT solutions

One stop, and done! Device, app and cloud analytics

From ideation to productization, including user experience engineering and industrial design.

Why start from scratch? Leverage our InnoNOW expert system

Let's define your application requirements. We can implement them by customizing our hardware and software reference designs.

Transforming ideas into IoT Solutions

We develop sensor-enabled IoT solutions by leveraging our InnoNOW expert system comprised of hardware and software reference designs. Such IoT solutions integrate connected devices embedded with sensors, apps running on mobile devices and backend cloud analytics. Leverage our domain expertise and innovation knowhow to go further, faster. Why start from scratch?

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User Interface

Every solution is for an end user and must consider human factors and industrial design.

Smart Device

IoT solutions are enabled by connected, smart devices comprising sensing, communication, computation and power provisions.


Devices send to and receive data from the cloud through a gateway, which is often a mobile device running a corresponding App.

Could Analytics

Cloud computing is used for data storage, analytics and visualization, as well a logistics and decision support.