InnovationStudio is our process for going from initial ideas to clearly defined opportunities to ready-to-go products. Projects may span all or part of the process. We use one or more of the following phases to tailor an InnovationStudio project to a customer's need:
  • Opportunity Definition: (i) clearly defining the opportunity; and (ii) specifying the product, including its use case and pricing.
  • Invention and Proof-of-Concept: (i) framing a solution and addressing its technical risk and estimating its cost; and (ii) outlining the path to manufacturing.
  • Prototyping and Production: (i) techincal, human factors, industrial design and supply chain develpment; and (ii) prototyping, testing and manufacturing process qualification.
Each phase has prescribed objectives, deliverables, milestones, timetable and pricing—enabling go/no-go decisions during each and from one to another. The go/no-go decision points are designed to manage risks inherent to an innovation project.
InnovationStudio projects may be executed by QuantaEd or in collaboration with the customer, depending on the nature of the project and the customer's preference. All resulting intellectual property belongs to the customer, regardless.
We drive our advantage from:
  • Our creativity, domain knowledge and knowledge of how to innovate;
  • Use of open innovation methodologies to resource each project with related top talent and capabilities; and
  • Managing the number, fit, and function of the pieces that must fall into place as the project advances.